The advantages and amenities of a top-market FBO, without the airport delays or up-charges.

Enjoy the unrivaled facilities and support of a truly superior full-service FBO.
At Ambassador Jet Center, you'll find everything you'd expect from a first-class FBO. But there's one amenity in particular that stands out head and shoulders above the rest—our passion for superior service. Wherever in the world you may be traveling, you'll find we'll go the extra mile to make your time in Dallas a wonderful experience.

Reap the benefits of the best values in the industry.
When it comes to value, Ambassador Jet Center is second-to-none. AJC not only offers the lowest fuel prices in the DFW area, it also provides a full suite of five-star FBO services without a five-star price.

Tell us what you need and we've got it covered.
With a focus on customer service, we've become experts in connecting businesses with the support they require, all with an understanding of the necessity for privacy and security. Open a Service Order.

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